by Mr Cassis, Harbor School, Blue Hill, Maine

Teacher Introduction

Hello Fellow Teachers,

I've been a Science and Technology Teacher formally for 29 years and I must say that this project has been my all time favorite to present to kids. The "pay off" is to watch the excitement as they go through the inquiry and discovery process. It's like weaving a tapestry of knowledge.

The innovative use of technology (digital video camera connected to a microscope and then using an LCD projector) for the whole class to see live creatures projected on the screen creates intense interest and appreciation for life forms the kids never knew existed. 

A "low" tech suggestion of using a clear pyrex casserole dish to put critters in and then place on top of an overhead projector will work great as well. When everyone gets to see each other's samples up on the wall or screen it generates a great deal of excitement and curiosity to learn and see more. 

The end product of a completed Field Guide generates a lot of pride in accomplishing a final product, as well as internalized learning, and a deeper appreciation for what I call "experiential learning".

Of course... lets not forget... all the fun along the way
Regards from the coast of Maine
Mr. C