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Rainbow’s End Farm on the Coast of Maine



Original QuickTimeVRAS Tours

Visit & you’ll see examples my of very early 360 º panoramic photo projects with Apple’s original panoramic vr program QTVRAuthoringStudio  circa 1990’s-2000’s

Our Coastal Maine Coon Cats

Visit & you’ll see our family of original Maine Cats bred from foundation cats with the original polydactyl trait

More of our Maine Cats

This is a photo gallery of Arista’s kittens of 2005

A Photo Gallery of Mt Denali Alaska in 2003

Exceptional Photos from a once in a lifetime trip for me that I am very proud of.

Cottage Sweets Home Made Candies, Cookies & Confections
       (NEW -- still under construction)
Visit our Web Store for Home Made Cookies & Treats.  All home made with the finest ingredients then rushed off to you fresh out of the oven.

New Examples of Cubic VR

I have a new Nikor Fisheye 10.5 lens and am now attempting to learn how to “master” creating total 3600 immersive panoramic digital photography. Please come see. ..but excuse the “construction”.. ;o)

Asticou Gardens Tour (cubic VR)

This is a trial of AutoPano Tour software. I am using the trial version & learning how to create a tour of a local botanical garden in spring bloom. Please look for the pulsing links to click on & enjoy. :o)

Cottage Remodel

This is a photo & video gallery of the summer spent remodeling our small cottage


A website & store displaying the art of pressing flowers and preserving them into unique forms of framed art. I’ve developed this site in partnership with my friends Janet & Harry Murakami.

Click and drag to move 360º around in the image

Going Beyond


Animating your presentation to Make Your Point with Presentation Apps

Created for the MLTI Institute July 2009

Research Biology Class Site

a year long course of study developed while I was teaching at CHRHS. I was privileged to work with my mentor and friend David “Doc” Littlefield. All of this work I dedicate to his memory & honor.

Although I’ve retired after 30yrs I am proud of the lesson plans, class lecture & presentation notes & curricula materials offered to fellow biology teachers by means of this web site

BugQuest for Science Teachers

This is a webquest I authored using QuestGarden.

My Contributions to the WWP


The World Wide Panorama began in March 2004 and has become an ongoing series of events. Photography takes place on the solstices (longest and shortest days of the year) and equinoxes (day and night of equal length). Photographers all over the world are welcome to participate.

A VR panorama (VR for virtual reality) is a specially created computer image that goes all the way around the viewer. It is a revolutionary way to document a particular place and time—they're next best thing to being there.

Sites & Workshops I’ve Done As A Science & Technology Teacher

Appleton Creamery VR Tour

A virtual tour of Appleton Creamery. My friends Caitlin & Brad Hunter run a Goat Farm & Dairy. Please enjoy a tour throughout the farm.


The Japanese art of drying & pressing flowers. My friends Janet & Harry demonstrate their Framed Gardens and Janet offers some video tips on pressing flowers.