Welcome to a tour of the new National Air & Space Museum -- The Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center
The photos for this "tour" were taken Dec 29th 2003, only 4 days after this new center was open to the public. Tripods are not allowed and it was code Orange so I felt very fortunate to manage to enter the facility with my Kaidan mount & Nikon 990 on a monopod. So, all the panography was done with a(n unsteady) monopod that I was using for the very first time as well as being in the midst of "thousands" of visitors (lots of interesting "ghosts & imperfect stiches). The opening view is from the outer parking lot early morning before the lot(s) had filled to capacity. Within an hour every parking space was filled--- behind us was a 12 mile back up of traffic waiting to enter--- look carefully all along the front and you can see the line of folks already up there waiting to enter. For me this was/is a fun try at many techniques and software apps. This tour is broken down into 23 individual "nodes" the file-sizes range from 136KB to 554KB to make loading manageable for those (of us) still in rural areas with only 28.8 dialup as our only option (yes "we" are still stuck that slow) I am in the process of figuring out how to add a map to this tour so that you can see where you are, however, the software is not playing too nicely with each other so I am still figuring this out. I hope you will enjoy & please, I welcome constructive comments?

Nikon Coolpix 990
photos @ 1024x768 res set at wide angle 38mm - 49.5 FOV
18 shots w/ Kaidan 990 VR mount
stiched with VRToolWorx 2.5
enhanced w/ Photoshop
several movie nodes created with StillLife
Scenes rendered with low jpg compression & movies with mpg4 compression