Welcome to a tour of the new
National Air & Space Museum -- The Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center
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The photos for this "tour" were taken Dec 29th 2003, only 4 days after this new center was open to the public. Tripods are not allowed and it was code Orange so I felt very fortunate to manage to enter the facility with my Kaidan mount & Nikon 990 on a monopod. So, all the panography was done with a(n unsteady) monopod that I was using for the very first time as well as being in the midst of "thousands" of visitors (lots of interesting "ghosts & imperfect stiches). The opening view is from the outer parking lot early morning before the lot(s) had filled to capacity. Within an hour every parking space was filled--- behind us was a 12 mile back up of traffic waiting to enter--- look carefully all along the front and you can see the line of folks already up there waiting to enter. For me this was/is a fun try at many techniques and software apps. This tour is broken down into 23 individual "nodes" the file-sizes range from 460KB to 708KB to make loading (although a bit of a wait) manageable for those (of us) still in rural areas with only 28.8 dialup as our only option (yes "we" are still stuck that slow)
I hope you will enjoy & please, I welcome constructive comments?

Nikon Coolpix 990
photos @ 1024x768 res set at wide angle 38mm - 49.5 FOV
18 shots w/ Kaidan 990 VR mount
stiched with VRToolWorx 2.5 enhanced w/ Photoshop