March 24 2001. On Rainbow's End Farm the snow drifts were still waist deep in some places. A beaver (family?) has moved into the upper pond. He/she has dammed up the lower pond and built a lodge into the bank of the upper pond. We are losing many of the trees. The ones we want to keep, I've put hardware cloth wire around their trunks. I have only seen one beaver for an instant as it slapped the water to warn me off. I don't know if we're glad they are here but so far they have helped raise the water levels in both ponds and clear out many of the trees & alders which is a good thing. It's amazing to see what their teeth can do!!

Sony Mavica 75
640x480 res set at wide angle 42mm?
20 shots w/ Kaidan Kiwi VR mount
stiched with QuickTime VR Authoring Studio
resulting pict downsampled 50% w/ Photoshop & re-rendered
final filesize @ 344K