Hello & Welcome to a VR Tour of Mt Vernon.
These panos were done while on April break with my friend Dwight.
I used a Sony Mavica 75 with a Kiwi VR mount. 20 exposures @ 640x480. These exposures were stitched with QTVR Authoring Studio and then the resulting pano.pict files for each node were enhanced and downsampled with PhotoShop and then redone into reduced pano.pict files that are better in size for the web. At this point I used QTVR-AS to create individual node pano movies and then used them to create a multi node scene from the individual nodes. Now this is where the fun began!! I had just received MapSaVR and NodeSaVR from Squamish Media Group, Inc. I scanned the brochure map from Mt Vernon and used MapSaVR to produce an interactive map under the pano-scene. And then finally I used NodeSaVR to "unpack" the Pano-Scene single file into a single page html web ready file with each of the node pano-movie files separated so that the whole tour is more stream lined web friendly for browsers. This makes it extremely easy to replace a multinode movie with a singlenode version generated from NodeSaVR complete with hotspot link views.
   This tour is an interesting journey through a series of single node panoramas that have been separated from a multinode QTVR source movie.
NodeSaVR, SoundSaVR, MapSaVR and RevolVR are registered trademarks of SQUAMISH Media Group, Inc.  QuickTime, QTVR and QD3D are registered trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc.