Welcome to Coastal Maine Coon Cats


Hello, & Welcome to a site devoted to our Maine Cats.  We have always had Maine cats here on our family farm.  I love these cats & so 4 years ago I started to find “foundation” Maine Coon cats that still had the “mitten” (multi toe) paws and thought that I/we would breed to offer the “original” traits back .  What a “strange trip” it has been!
From finding that most Maine Coon Cat breeders consider polydactylism a “defect” of the breed (and can be quite “snobby” about it), to becoming so attached to our litters that we “just couldn’t” sell/give away “family”..... we have now 12 members of our farmhouse family.  Please enjoy our photos as much as we enjoy being able to take them to share.

From Rainbow’s End Farm in Brooksville on the Coast of Maine